purchase request信息详情

purchase request发音




purchase requests───采购申请

prayer request───祈祷请求

purchase ledger───[会计]购货分类帐

purchase ledgers───[会计]购货分类帐

purchase monies───购买款

purchase prices───[物价]买价,[物价]进货价格

purchase taxes───[税收]购买税;消费品

repurchase agreement───购回协议

formal request───正式要求


purchase request to buyer based on supply and demand analysis;───根据客人的需求分析,下达采购申请单给采购;

Finally, the business process logs the result of processing the purchase request and then returns.───最后,该业务流程记录处理采购请求的结果,然后返回。

Consider the case of a program sending a purchase request to another program over a network.───考虑一下这种情况:一个程序通过网络向另一个程序发出一个购买请求。

No authorization for cash advance should be given without a Purchase Request or Travel Mission Request attached and priory approved.───只有附经过批准的出差和采购申请单,才能得到相应的现金预借。

Customer orientated, Co-operate with applicants to know their requirement clearly, control & approve purchase request.───以客户为导向,明确申请人的申请需求,控制及批准采购申请。

To check all stocks against the established par level. Issue purchase request for replenishment when required.───根据已订立的最低存货标准审核所有存货,在需要时发出补货申请单。

HR arrange assigned person to purchase, request form need filling description, model, function , quality ect to purchase or qualify.───3人事行政部安排专人负责采购,请购单应填写名称、规格、型号、性能、质量等资料以备采购及验收。


Fill Purchase Request for Mould Block and Big Tessera Steel and submit them to manufacturing for review.

The customer receives confirmation the purchase request has been forwarded, then he is given the name of the dealer.

To ensure that store requisition and purchase request procedures are followed.