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purchase order───订购单,采购订单

purchase orders───采购订单

purchase ledger───[会计]购货分类帐

purchase ledgers───[会计]购货分类帐

repurchase agreement───购回协议

partial ordering───偏序;部分有序

purchase money───买价;定价

purchase moneys───买价;定价

purchase monies───购买款


If no comment is associated with a given purchase order object, you might expect this column to be null after persisting the entity.───如果没有任何注释与给定订单对象相关,那么您可能希望在持久化实体后将该列设为null。

issue is that you have no element in your purchase order that identifies it.───问题是,鉴别它的购买订单中没有元素。

Since the purchase order contains no detailed product information, a separate query is needed to find the product details from the product table.───因为采购订单不包含详细产品信息,所以需要进行单独查询,以便从产品表中查找产品详细信息。

Please be informed that the shipment of the cargo (your purchase order No. 123) was sent yesterday, airway bill No. 123.───特此通知这批货物(你方订单号码是No.123)昨天已装运,航空货物的领取号码是No.123。