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poison dogwood───毒山茱萸

poison fang───毒牙

poison tree───毒树

prison warder───典狱

horned frog───角蛙

poison elder───毒长老

poison elders───毒害长老


One of nature's deadliest creatures is the tiny poison dart frog.───自然界最致命的生物之一,是微小的箭毒蛙.

vibrant color and markings of the poison dart frog warns off predators with the promise of death; fulfillment here is clear.───毒箭蛙身上鲜艳的色彩和标记,警告了食肉动物,它们与死亡之间的承诺;这个实现过程是很明确的。

The rainforest is home to creatures as famous as the jaguar and poison dart frog, as well as lesser-known and even unidentified species.───热带雨林是很多生物的家,比如著名的美洲虎和箭毒蛙,以及鲜为人知的,甚至是身份不明的物种而闻名。

Photoreport: Poison Dart Frog Terrarium. Treasure Chest of Rainforest Jewels.───摄影报导:箭毒蛙生态缸。热带雨林珠宝的宝库。


The yellow-banded poison dart frog is usually found in humid areas. Indigenous South Americans sometimes coat arrows with the frog poison when hunting.