hire purchase信息详情

hire purchase发音


n.分期付款购买(缩写为: HP); 租购



hire purchases───n.[贸易]分期付款购买


share purchase───股权收购;股份买卖

house purchase───购房



share repurchase───股份回购;股份再购回


Is the property subject to a hire purchase or loan agreement?───该财物是否以分期付款或贷款合约下购入?

a hire purchase agreement───分期付款协议

Is the vehicle under a hire purchase or loan agreement?───该车辆是否由分期付款或贷款合约下购买?

She signed her own hire purchase agreement now that she's come of age.───因为她已到法定年龄,她自己在分期付款购买契约上签了字.

When one buys something on hire purchase, one has to pay out each month.───要是你按照分期付款购买东西,你得按月付款。

To buy a refrigerator on hire purchase.───用分期付款或租购的方法购买电冰箱.

One should not encumber oneself with hire purchase repayments at the beginning of a marriage.───人不应该在婚姻的开始就被购买的租金拖累.

Choose a three piece suite on hire purchase in a range of fucking fabrics.───选择用分期付款买回同系列的什么织物做的三套件西装.

I think I'll enter the hire purchase agreement.───我想参加那个分期付款计划.

We're buying a new cooker on hire purchase.───我们以分期付款方式购买一座新炉具。

He is buying a refrigerator on hire purchase.───他以分期付款的方式购买电冰箱.

But you can enter our hire purchase agreement.───但你可能参加我们的分期付款计划.

After he stopped paying the hire purchase installment, the finance company tried to reclaim his car.───在他停止支付租购分期付款后, 该金融公司试图收回他的汽车.

The hire purchase company repossessed my car because I fell astern with the payments.───这家分期付款购买公司取回了我的汽车,因为我没能及时付款.

When one buys something on hire purchase, one has to pay out each month.───如果按照分期付款购买东西, 得每月付款.