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so if发音




as if───犹如,好似


do in───使精疲力竭

do it───做一做,去做吧

go in───参加;(太阳等)被云遮住;放得进

go it───拼命干,莽撞





I could do so if I would.───要是我愿意,我能够这样做(但我不愿意).

So if it's not there now, the killer has it. Right?───如果它现在不在那里,就在凶手那里。是吧?

So if Jules doesn't marry you, you can be a rich old ward. "───这样,要是裘里斯不娶你, 你也可以当个有钱的未婚老姑娘.

He said so, if I am not mistaken.───如果我没弄错的话,他确是这样说的.

If you agree, so; if not, so.───如果你同意, 就这样; 如果你不同意, 也这样.

So, if we could just move onto something else?───那么我们可不可以干脆谈点别的?

You can always bargain here, but goods tend to come and go quickly so if you like it, buy it now!───你可以总在这里讨价还价,但是商品似乎来去得快,所以如果你喜欢,现在就买!

I got it on seventeen days approval, so if you don't like it we can change it.───我买这件东西可试用17天, 所以你要是不喜欢我们可以拿去调换.

So, if all of his units are going into foreclosure are bought by individuals, then the building would be warrantable.───所以,如果他的单位是丧失抵押品赎回权都是由个人购买,然后大楼将可保证。

So if the railway pays your hotel bill, you will owe $ 1.50.───所以,如果铁道部为您支付您的旅馆账单.你还欠1.5美元.

" I'd like to for a week or so, if you don't mind, " ventured Carrie.───“ 如果你不介意的话,这一两个星期我想少付一点钱, "嘉莉试探着说.

He contrived to convey the impression that he was willing to do so if desired.───他千方百计表明,如果要他那样做他将十分乐意.

So, if we take off , two sixty twenty - eight was the price.───所以要扣除的话, 刚才讲的即期价格是 2.6028.

So , if you can't model sympathetically, don't play the game.───如果达不到取悦于他人的目的, 就不要来这一套.

These errors nearly always indicate sloppy programming. So if it's your code, you should clean them up anyway.───这些错误几乎总是表明编程草率。所以如果是您的代码,无论如何都应该清除这些错误。

Programs are expensive, and even more so if you have to keep altering them.───买软件很贵,要是老得更换,那就更贵了。

Yes, I suppose so, if only he could add some interesting details.───是, 我想也是.不过他要是能增加-些有趣的东西就好了.

He thought that this would not be so if the ships were better ventilated.───他认为如果把船放在通风较好的地方,就不会是这种情况了.


She didn't tell us she was coming, so if this screws up her plans that's just tough.

So, if we could just move onto something else?

I'm in need of some interesting suggestions so if you can put your thinking cap on I'd be grateful.

I don't want everyone to know, so if you could keep it to yourself I'd appreciate it.

We've arranged a meeting for next Thursday so if you see anyone do spread the word.

I will do so, if necessary.

He's always worrying about his weight, so if you want to hit him where it hurts, tell him he's looking a bit fat.

You bought the tickets, so if I pay for the taxi, we'll be straight.

I got it on seventeen days approval, so if you don't like it we can change it.