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poison gasses───毒气

poison gas───毒气;(尤指用于化学战争中的)毒瓦斯

prison bases───监狱基地

poison glands───[脊椎]毒腺

poison fangs───毒牙

poison ivies───毒葛;接触毒漆引起的皮疹

poison oaks───n.毒葛(等于poisonivy,等于poisonsumac)

poison trees───毒树

poison elders───毒药长老


But waste in landfill emits greenhouse gases as it rots, and can poison groundwater.───但是,填埋场中的垃圾在腐烂过程中会释放出温室气体,也会污染地下水。

Waste gases poison the air we breathe. The rivers and lakes are polluted by waste dumped in them from factories.───我们呼吸着有毒的空气,河流和湖泊也被附近的工厂里排放出来的废弃物严重污染了。

Smoke is a mixture of gases, vaporized chemicals, minute particles of ash, and other solids. There is also nicotine, which is a powerful poison, and black tar.───抽烟产生的烟雾是一种混合的气体,包括气化的化学物质,极小的灰末微粒和其它固体,还有毒性很强的尼古丁和黑焦油。

Once they are out on the street, the cars will take in air and replace it with poison gases.───汽车一旦出厂开到大街上,就会吸进空气,排出有毒气体。

The use of poison-gases is a clear violation of international law, in particular of the "Geneva Convention" .───使用毒瓦斯,显然违反国际公法,特别是违反“日内瓦”公约。

Thelaws of war have their roots, in part, in early worries about the impact of military technology such as bombardment and poison gases.───战争法的设立是有原因的,某种程度上,它们最初源于对军事技术——例如轰炸和毒气——巨大杀伤力的担忧。

Fast determination of poison gases───毒气快速检测

On-site rescue of toxic accident of poison gases───有毒有害气体中毒的现场抢救