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purchase prices───[物价]买价,[物价]进货价格

purchase order───订购单,采购订单

purchase ledger───[会计]购货分类帐

purchase monies───购买款

purchase orders───采购订单

base price───[物价]底价,基价

cash price───现金最低价


If the stock has lost value, the selling price will be greater than the purchase price.───如果股票确实下跌, 卖出的价格将高于买回的价格.

Discount offered to Employee Purchase Scheme only. Purchase price is final based on time of purchaseGST.───折扣价仅供员工内购方案,以最终购买时价格为准.

The purchase price figures out at about two million dollars.───交易的价格计算在200万美元左右.

The purchase price is less if you pay by cash.───付现金的话,价钱便宜些.

Payments in advance of delivery for stated amounts or for specified percentages of the purchase price.───在采购交易时,供应商要求交货前按规定的金额,或按采购总价的某一特定百分比来预先支付货款.

The purchase price is four million and three hundred thousand dollars.───成交价是港币四百三十万元.

Basically to pay the purchase price in cash, no payment, the funds have better efficiency.───货款基本上都是现金付款, 没有出现拖欠现象, 资金利用效率也较好.

The purchase price includes all the furniture.───此买价包括了所有的家具。

The purchase price figures out at about three million yuan.───买价合计为三百万元左右.

Branch Region responsible for the recovery of the purchase price of the track.───负责分公司片区货款回收情况的跟踪.

The purchase price will be taken into account in computing his profits.───在计算他的利润的时候,进货价格将计算在内.

Take the goods back to your retailer who will refund you the purchase price.───把商品退还给你的零售商,他们会按原价退款的。

In with this order with payment of the purchase price it?───会连同这次订单的货款一起支付 吗 ?

Have the purchase price be so attractive that even a mediocre sale gives good results.───而是让购买价格如此之诱人,即使一个平庸的卖出也能带来良好的回报.

Buy price; purchase price.───购入价格, 买价.

Financier to pay the purchase price range ceiling section.───资者以发行价格区间上限缴纳申购款.

The manufacturer's maximum liability shall not exceed the actual purchase price paid the product.───生产商所付的最大责任不会超过产品的实际购买价格.

Investors can borrow an amount equal to the property's purchase price.───投资者可以借与房地产购买价相等数额的款项。

Purchase price not be disclosed at present, mainly payable in cash.───收购价格目前不便透露, 主要以现金方式支付.

One percent of the purchase price.───房价的百分之一.

To whom should I pay the purchase price?───我应该对谁支付这购买价?

Investors can borrow an amount equal to the property's purchase price.───投资者可以获得与房产购买价格相等的借款额。

Company A accounts for the excess of the purchase price over the asset value as goodwill.───A公司就把购入价超过资产价值的部分算作是商誉.

Simply return the item in original condition and we will refund your purchase price.───简单地返回原始状态的项目,我们将退还您的购买价格.

In practice, and not considering purchase price, the creel size is limited by two factors.───在实际生产中, 不考虑价格因素, 筒子架的大小受到两方面的限制.

The purchase of bonds is generally recorded at cost ( including purchase price and brokerage commissions ).───债券的购入一般按成本 ( 包括买价和经纪人佣金 ) 计价.

A superiority is only the auto purchase price difference.───惟一的优势就是购车差价.

After five years, this luxury sedan loses 84% of its purchase price.───五年之后,这款豪华轿车的售价下降了84%。

The purchase price figures out at about three million dollars.───买价合计为3000万美元左右.

You do that by dividing the total return by your purchase price.───用总体回报除以购买价格即可得到这个数字.


The purchase price figures out at about two million dollars.