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poison gases───毒气;(尤指用于化学战争中的)毒瓦斯

poison oaks───n.毒葛(等于poisonivy,等于poisonsumac)

poison oak───n.毒葛(等于poisonivy,等于poisonsumac)

poison gasses───毒气

poison glands───[脊椎]毒腺

poison fangs───毒牙

poison gland───[脊椎]毒腺

poison fang───毒牙

prison base───监狱基地


The enemy went so far as to use poison gas.───敌人居然使用了毒气.

The poison gas blew off from the pipe and endangered the lives of about hundreds.───毒气从管道里喷了出来,危及了几百人的生命.

This gas mask can immunize you against poison gas.───防毒面具能使你免遭毒气袭击.

Will some poison gas, waste water or solid waste be released from your project?───您的项目向外界排放废气 、 废水或者废渣 吗 ?

Poison gas from High sulfur gas field blowout is so dangerous to dweller nearby. It was deemed right to prevent the people from death in inland that setting up safety distance abound the well head.───高含硫气田井喷有毒气体扩散对周围居民的危害很大,通过安全防护距离的方法保护井口周边群众是国内目前比较认同的做法。

The poison gas thickened as the terrible night advanced.───随着恐怖的黑夜越来越深,毒气越来越浓.

Neither armies, nor warships, nor military aircraft, nor poison gas will then be needed.───那时将不要军队, 也不要兵船, 不要军用飞机, 也不要毒气.

They contrived a mask against poison gas.───他们设计了一种防毒面具。

Poison gas blew off and endangered the lives of hundreds of persons.───毒气喷出来,危及几百人的生命.

direct reason that causes the cable fire disaster-the second disaster is that the smoke and poison gas produced by the cable for mine purposes when burning.───煤矿用电缆燃烧时所释放出的烟雾和毒性气体是造成电缆火灾事故“二次灾害”的直接原因。


Poison gas blew off and endangered the lives of hundreds of persons.